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The Intersection Between Childbearing and Union Status

Harmonized Histories - Switzerland

The Swiss Household Panel Survey (SHP) is an annual survey. Each person more than 15 years old living in a representative sample of Swiss households has been interviewed every year since 1999 and for a second sample, since 2004. The panel design was adapted to the harmonized historeis database, but must be used with caution. In most cases events that occurred between the two waves are recorded in the SHP as are their month and year. However, the month of the beginning of a union and information about leaving home is not available. Because the Swiss panel began in 1999, little information is available for life course events before the first interview. This limits the period of analyses to between 1999 and 2007. Also, note that the samples in the SHP are by definition samples of households and not of persons. To create the harmonized histories, three general files were merged:, one for women, a second for their partners, and a third for their children. Because women and men are not totally indepedent, the sample is limited to women.

Contact person: Jean-Marie LeGoff

Thank you to Nadia Girardin, Andres Guarin, Jean-Marie Le Goff, and Laura Bernardi for harmonizing the SHP.

This study has been realized using the data collected by the Swiss Household Panel (SHP), which is based at the Swiss Centre of Expertise in the Social Sciences FORS. The project is financed by the Swiss National Science Foundation.


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